Remember You Matter

Remember You Matter

Do you ever struggle to find joy throughout your day? Do you forget to embrace who God made you to be? Do you realize what a treasure you are? Have you ever wondered if others share your similar thoughts and need to be reminded that because we’re all God’s works in progress, that our little steps forward mean just as much as a giant leap ahead does?

If so, you’re at the right place!

Interruptions and catastrophes can steal my joy fast. When my day looks like nothing I’d planned, I end up either grumpy or sobbing. (Yeah, I embarrass myself.) But then if I get quiet and remember to seek God, I remember where my joy is supposed to come from.

Sometimes I let what I hear in the media or what others say cause me to forget that I’m God’s unique creation. There’s no one else like me. When I embrace who I really am, there I find joy, even if my day has messed up. Realizing I am special and treasured by God helps me to focus on what is important in life, what really matters.

Treasures are valuable. I am valuable. You are valuable. What God thinks weighs a lot more on the scale than what any person thinks.

Don’t we all need encouragement each day? God loves us, wants us, and smiles with gladness that we are His. We can trust that Jesus stands beside us and helps us. He provides the courage. We can only fail by quitting. I’m not giving up, and I don’t want you to quit either.

God works in our lives with us and through us. As I share my story, I hope you’ll join the conversation and share yours. Together we can encourage each other to cling to God and to persevere through the rough spots and trials of life and to dance, sing, and laugh with joy in blessed times.

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